I make music because as cliche as it is, music is embedded into my DNA and has been passed down through generations. I have been doing music since I’ve been big enough to hold drumsticks and since I’ve been old enough to speak/sing. What drives me to share my art with others is a conversation that I had with the group of individuals that I do music with. They encouraged me to use the gift that God gave to me. Also, everything was solidified when I released a song entitled “4 am”. In that song I explained how I overcame depression, paranoia & anxiety. People from around the world were reaching out to me telling me that they could relate. At that moment, I knew that I was doing the right thing and that what I had/have to say deserves to be shared.

- Tre.v.iar

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“I’m a firm believer of chasing your dreams. Nothing comes from you being comfortable. If what you doing is real, then people are going to feel that. Being on this Earth gives us the access to get ANYTHING WE WANT. It’s all in what you're willing to do to get where you want to be.”


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